Visiting Mums Love Children’s Home

Friday, September 07. Barbara is very interested in kids and social engagement, so Paul arranged a visit at a children’s home for us. Samuel picked us up from our apartment, and after a relatively short drive we picked up Manuel, who knows the facility. His goal is to visit 40 different children’s homes this year. When Barbara asked him, why he would visit so many, he replied: “To get to know the similarities and differences”. His main goal is “to make the kids smile”. What a wonderful person!

At first we had to find Mums Love Children’s Home, which wasn’t that easy in the slums of Kayole. But we found it! Actually, it looked like all the other sheds from the outside: a wall with iron sheet metal doors. On the inside we went along a corridor to a room with couches and a table, where we sat down with some of the children.

This guy right next to me is Moses, I think he declared me his favourite 😀

Manuel tries to take a picture with Barbara, his future daughter. He’s planning to adopt her soon.
The kids were very interested in the camera, so I let them play around a little bit.
Food time! Actually, they shared their meal with us. We refused at first, because we didn’t want to take something from these poor children, but they insisted on it.
We ate Ugali with some vegetables. Ugali is a typical Kenyan food made out of maize flour cooked in water.

Barbara got her hands washed.

Here is Manuel with his future daughter 🙂
The mother of the kids. She takes care of the kids and does a lot of other things like going from door to door to collect money.

We danced a bit with the kids. It was so fun 🙂
Moses, apparently not finished with lunch 😉

Another woman takes care of the youngest baby.
Barbara tried to help where she could. I was useless and only took some pictures…

…but yeah, I wasn’t that useless after all 😉 played around with the children, showed them some silly faces, jokes and dances. Finally I could use my knowledge that I learned while taking care of children in youth camps. They showed me some songs and dances too!

Before we went back home we bought some food for them, which was the least we could do. I cannot tell you how I felt when we left this place. The children sang a beautiful song for us to say goodbye. It was so moving, in the end I had to cry because of all those beautiful souls in there. I cannot thank them enough for all the work they put in there.

Want to help?

Mums Love Children’s Home takes care of 32 children coming from very poor backgrounds. The mother is there for the kids all the time. If you think you could spare some money contact me or Mums Love Childrens Home on facebook. I’ll make sure that they’ll get it directly.

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