Children everywhere

We met a lot of children. And when I say a lot, I mean a loooooooot. On Thursday, September 7, Barbara and I visited Paul’s home Nunguni without him. But let’s start at the beginning. After a two-hour drive, on which I prepared my second blog post, we visited Mukaa Children’s home. Unfortunately the children were all at school, but we had the chance to talk to Mary, who told us that they take care of about 120 children from the age of five until they finish their education. Although the kids are not there during the day, the caretakers are present the whole time. They get financed by NGOs and Mary told us that it is working very well.

This is Mary, who welcomed us warmly and told us about the children’s home
Of course, every establishment has a guest book 🙂
Thank you, Mary! For welcoming us and also for all your hard work ❤️


Next stop: Paul’s family, where they prepared a meal for us, once again. We met Machu, who showed us around this day.

Silvia with her daughter Amanda.
Paul’s grandmother Helen with Machu
Samuel had his fun once again
Hi Machu!
You can also live there very well as a vegan.

I like this one. You can see Nunguni Town on the opposite hill.
When I play around with my camera and stuff…
Back at Yulu Inn


Into the wild

After that we picked up Nunguni Yulu FC coach Hussein Habib. He and Machu showed us a very beautiful spot in Nunguni, where Paul’s family also has a field where they grow some vegetables.

This cute cow wanted to greet me, but the rope was so short.

Poor cow, but even poorer if you consider that this is generous compared to many other animals on this planet.

Samuel and Barbara had fun

Some farmer on the neighboring field, who told me that he used to be a photographer. He said it would be nice if I could leave the camera back and just keep the memory cards, but understood my argument that I cannot do this because it’s my love 😉
The farmer’s kid.

We took some cole from the Yulu field to make some dinner.
Machu and Habib helped us 🙂
Krusty the clown with some fans 😀 (Maybe you can help me find fitting cartoon characters for Barbara and Samuel?)

I had to show the others what I learned on the longstick from Robert, my Tai Chi trainer at Wu-De.
Only difference: You can eat this stick 😉
We all tried to eat the sugar cane. Spoiler: It’s pretty sweet!

Samuel needed a break. No wonder, he had carried Madame Barbara around…

Habib showed us his achievements. All his former football clubs; the ones he played for as well as the ones he coached were represented here. “This is what motivates me every morning – to go to the field and work hard on getting Nunguni Yulu FC to the next level.”

On the fields, again

When we finished the easy walk (ask Samuel :P) we went back to the football field, where we watched the training, talked to the youth team and afterwards also to the senior team.

Talking to kids is not as easy as it sounds, so we struggled a bit, but I think we were able to get them to know a bit and vice versa. Barbara asked them if they prefer school or football. All of them shouted “school”. An answer we didn’t expect, especially from the school football team 🙂

With this first warmup round, the second talk was pretty easy. When Paul told me that we could talk to the team I was a bit overwhelmed because I wouldn’t consider myself as a public spokes person, but it was great. We told them who we are and that Paul always tells all the stories about them to his friends. So maybe they feel even more motivated with so many fans in Europe 😉

The youth Football team
Soon-to-be primary school teacher Barbara tests her skills by talking to the kids.
I showed them how it’s done.

The team says hi

Aren’t they cute? 😀
He can be so beautiful!


Okay, till now there were some children, but I’m sure you asked yourselves where the many children are that I promised. Let me tell you the story: The football field is right next to the school. Every now and then some pupils left the building to have their break. At one point some classes were done for that day, so suddenly all of them passed by. As I mentioned in my last posts, we attract many views, especially the kids are all over us. Especially Barbara was the main attraction with her beautiful blonde hair. How about having a look at some pictures 🙂

Me playing with the kids
Doing some jumping jacks…
That’s how it started 😉

Every single kid shook Barbaras hands.
That’s what I meant!

Samuel was not amused…
They loved to play with her hair…

They showed us their books.
You may know this cutie 🙂
Samuel is THE star

Coming home

On the way home we had some more action…

We passed this petrol truck on Mombasa road, which is known as Kenya’s most dangerous road.

So another beautiful day came to an end. Thank you so much for reading this (or even for just looking at the pictures)! If you like my articles I’d be happy if you recommend them to your friends, share, like… You know the social media stuff!

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  1. “They loved to play with her hair…” photo is the best!!!
    and the very last one with the burning truck!

    Have fun in Asia!!

  2. Great picture. you have a good skill. what camera did you use? 🙂

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