From now on we are free!

Ah, I mean three, sorry about that ?

On Wednesday our driver Elias and I picked up Barbara from the airport. Her story is amazing. She always wanted to go to Africa. Paul told her that I’m here in September and he would also invite her. So we met a few days before I left Vienna and she spontaneously decided to join us. One week later she was in the airplane. How amazing is it? I love people like her… I mean, I considered myself so spontaneous because I decided to go to Prague for a weekend a few hours before the bus started. But that story tops it a lot!

In between cars, motorbikes and pedestrians a lot of those walk or run on the streets

Say hi to Barbara 🙂
This is Elias, it’s not easy to get a smile from him when he sees you want to take a photo. But my hard work paid off, don’t you think? 😉
We met Paul at a coffeeshop in the mall during his lunch break.
Had some good non-alcoholic cocktails…
Barbara brought some gifts for our great host.

Walking through Ruaka

On the next day we used the time to explore the area we live in. It’s a small but growing town on the border of Nairobi.

Sheep, cows, goats… you will see a lot of them on Kenyas footwalks and streets.



Public transportation vehicle “Matatu”.

Pixelated, because I had the impression that the father didn’t want me to take pictures, but I like the situation 🙂

Beauties 😉
Suddenly, within 5 minutes a lot of people wanted to be part of my pictures. I was more than fine with that 😉
He slept on the table with the jeans… Barbara got a much nicer picture before the other one waked him up 🙁
Smile for the camera!

Those wonderful people insisted on having a picture with us 😀
At least you can see how it’s done here…

Visiting Nairobi

After lunch we started our trip to Nairobi city. With Elias we had our personal tour guide on our side.

We decided to take a Matatu to Nairobi, CBD. A Matatu is a small bus which can transport max 14 people. It has a driver and a conductor. The conductor picks up passenger, collects money and tells the driver when to stop. He does that by opening the door while driving and banging his hand on the roof of the vehicle. They often leave the car and jump on again when it’s already pretty fast. All in all it’s a fun experience to be on such a thing.

Inside the matatu. We were in front and Elias looking after us 🙂
Let’s take a closer look

Startup and personal development stuff … you may know some of those books 😉
The tour lead us to the inner city of Nairobi. It’s a much cleaner area and also there are less people than in the surroundings.
This is the Kenyan supreme court. If you followed the news recently, you may know that there was a decision lately which is very familiar to us Austrians: The election of the president has to be repeated.
Sightseeing tourists 😉
Elias also showed us the Uhuru Park. A pretty relaxing spot in this city, which feels rather hectical and chaotic to me.

Did I mention that it’s hard to get a smile from Elias? 😀
Others also do selfies 😉

A tree with Marabou Storkes in Uhuru Park. They are all over Nairobi (and probably also in other parts of Kenya). I think those are the – rather big – pidgeons of Kenya.
On our way back… this ride took like 2 hours (instead of expected 45mins), because of an accident. Let me tell you that I won’t miss Nairobi’s traffic. I’m so thankful for the public transportation system in Vienna. But the Kenyans are much more relaxed… just imagine something like this in Vienna 😉
During the traffic jam, those kids played with us and gave us big smiles. They are in school the whole day (sometimes from 6am to 6pm) and then trapped in a van for 2 hours…
From another day, but as an extra. I think it doesn’t need many words for that. I want to refer to my friend’s words: “There is garbage everywhere. The upside is that it’s visible to everyone that there is a need for us to change something!” – Daniel Scheibl (quoted from my memory)

Thank you so much for your support and feedback – that really motivates me to do this. After all, it’s a lot of work, but it really pays off considering so many of you are reading this 🙂 And like always, feedback is much appreciated, so please tell me your opinion about what you like or dislike and I can consider that in my following articles.

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  1. Super Fotos ? Mach weiter so ? LG, K@y

    1. Vielen lieben Dank, freut mich sehr! ?

  2. Echt toll, Johannes!
    Aufregende Schnappschüsse dabei.
    Freu mich schon auf weitere Einträge. (:

    Viel Spaß noch (: ?

    1. Schnappschüsse.. Pah! ? danke danke!

  3. Du bist in Kenia?

    1. Nein, wie kommst drauf? ?

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