Enjoying beautiful Mombasa

We decided that we earned some vacation time in Kenya, so we went to Mombasa. The plan was to take the nightbus, sleep while we’re on the road and enjoy the day well rested. In reality, we hardly got any sleep in the ten hours drive from Nairobi and the following two hours drive in the Tuktuk, which was with 2100 Kenyan Shilling (about €17) much cheaper than an Uber (5300 Ksh) or cab. It just took about double of the time, but I wanted to try going by Tuktuk anyways.

Arrived at the hotel, we felt like in paradise. Such a huge contrast to the day before. I think I never had a hotel directly connected to the beach. And I cannot remember the last time being on a sand beach. It felt amazing. We spent the day eating, drinking and walking on the beach.

A view of the beautiful beach
The barkeeper Otieno made us the best special Dawas. He told us no matter if you order a Mojito or a Dawa, he serves the same drink 😀
I think we were pretty happy 🙂
One second before, he had his mouth in the glass… too late, Johannes!

If you couldn’t find Paul, the bar was the first guess.

Such a great feeling!
Our friends with some locals
Hi Eleonore!
Anna shows us her smile 🙂

Simone also had his fun 🙂
We tried this jump thing…
Back exercises
My new girlfriend. Aren’t we looking good together? (Mom, if you’re reading that… I think I have to move to Kenya for her, sorry!)

During the last years less and less tourists came to Mombasa (or Kenya in general) because of security concerns. But they assured us that there is no reason for that anymore. Nonetheless, a lot of these hotels are currently just ruins.

The beach stage 🙂

In the evening we met our Italian friends Anna, Eleonore and Simone. I showed them some tricks with their camera and I think we got some awesome results! What do you think?

I mean, how amazing is that! Thanks for the great lettering Mr. Simone and for the great pose, girls!
I will miss this view…


Mombasa City Tour

The next day we used the time to take a tour through the city. Luckily, we found the best tour guide ever, Suleiman Swaleh. He told us some interesting stuff about how multicultural the town is and some history about how the Portuguese, Indians and even Austrians contributed to the development of Mombasa.

Our tour guide explaining how the different doors indicate the origin of the creators. He also explained that every carpenter had his own sign, which is found on the bottom of the frame.
This is a house you may know from the movie Inception. We couldn’t remember, so we rewatched the movie at home 😉

The Kenyans are big fans of European football clubs. They don’t hide their affection (here Bayern München). Our driver Elias told us that people sometimes even commit suicide because their team loses…
The guide showed us very beautiful spots.

There were a lot of cables over our heads. At some point, they made such a loud noise. Didn’t sound very healthy… I wonder how the people there can stand that noise.

Apparently, from time to time this gets collected.
Swaleh lead us to an extremely relaxing spot with a guy who served coffee, tea and dessert at a very low price. Highly recommendable!

I loved this idea of waste reuse.
Of course, Barbara was the star of the children again 🙂

Freezing kid, after taking a bath in the sea.
These two guys wanted me to take a picture of them and send it to them. Didn’t get a facebook request by now 😉
The story of this man is simply awesome. Farid sells souvenirs in Mombasa. When we told him that we’re from Austria he asked if we know “Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung”. Hahaha, he got the right man with this, I’m a fan since my childhood! In his younger years he was a DJ and got to know the band. Apparently he was also in Austria many years ago. He spoke pretty well German and I should greet Klaus Eberhartinger if I see him. (If you don’t know that: The EAV guys have a studio in Kenya and Farid told us that they are currently on the southcoast.)
Good bye!
Burning waste


At the airport

It’s getting late…
I decided to do some Tai Chi at the airport because we had to wait for a while. These kids started to copy my moves. I think they’re going to be Tai Chi masters one day 🙂

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  1. I guess was a lovely experience, nice adventure, cool breeze. Magical Kenya.

  2. I guess was a lovely experience, nice adventure, cool breeze. Magical Kenya. The only problem we have, which concerns the future of our environment, is waste management, such a mess of burning wastes, should not be happening, poor politics and miss management that is where we end up.

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