So, where are you going to?

I was waiting in the queue for the security checks at the airport, as suddenly a girl confronted me with this question. “Where are you going to?”. Usually I am the one who approaches strangers and being on the other side, I was pretty stunned in the beginning. Of course the most accurate answer would be “Kenya”, but I needed like felt ten seconds to respond. But I’ll come back to that story later…

This blog

I want to answer this question with my first blogpost. Where am I going to with this blog? What’s the idea behind it and the reason that I started it? As you may or may not know I really like to take photographs. Some people even like them. So this blog is for those people and those who don’t know that they like them yet. The purpose is

  • to show my impressions of Kenya (short-term goal),
  • to tell the stories around my pictures,
  • to promote my pictures and get famous;

What I don’t want to do is to write looooong and boring texts, so if you have the feeling that you’re bored – I’m very open for feedback 😉 I already wasted too much time looking for a perfect template/design, so now I just start with this basic one and maybe adapt it from time to time.

Let’s get started

Let’s continue with the story… you know, the one with the girl in the queue. I was really excited that my journey hadn’t even really started yet and I already met a new person. Waiting together for the plane, the time flied by (haha). Jessica was on her way to Thailand and guess what… she is trained to be an analogue photographer, woo! 😀 She’s the one you can see in the image on top!

Shortcut to Doha, the first landing, our ways separated and I made another friend, Viki. We fooled around at the airport and had a very interesting talk about communism and “Gutmenschentum”. As a biology student, she went to the Seychelles for an excursion.

In the plane to Kenya there was another very interesting guy, William. Being 65 and traveling for 15 years, I once again found myself very lucky. The last months he travelled around Tansania, Kenya and some other neighboring countries. Apparently he also was in the village in Zanzibar where Freddie Mercury was born. He taught me some important life lessons:

  • Never guess a women’s age. You can either guess too old, spot on or too young. Every three of them are wrong.
  • If a woman asks you how she looks in that dress tell her she looks good in everything.
  • Never guess where a person comes from. It’s too easy to offend that person.
William and I (Mobile Phone selfie)

Those 6 hours in the air went pretty fast with him on my side and finally I was on Kenyan ground, where Paul was already waiting for me. First I wanted to drive myself, but after 10 minutes on the road, I thought I would probably not drive in this country anytime soon. (And this was at night, without a lot of traffic)

Say hi to Paul 🙂

Now it’s done, my first blog post is written. I’m excited and interested in your honest opinions – tell me in the comments 🙂

5 Replies to “So, where are you going to?”

  1. Excited for new things to come. Go on and more important, go further. Make all the things. Your writing-style is fun though. ?

  2. Easy to read! Let us know what are the first impressions from Kenya. What surprised you most?

    1. Thanks for the input! I will cover those topics in the next posts 🙂

  3. Excited to hear more!

  4. Great picture. you have a good skill. what camera did you use? 🙂

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